Pre 2 Space TL - 3v3/4v4 Pocket

I can't even count how many times I've used this civ to get a huge boom and out-mass the enemy. Start off playing some defense with your tower, mass cits, get some houses, slowly start off with clubs... then once you get enough cits to take 2 iron mines just start cranking out the clubs.

If you play it right, you should easily out-mass your opponents and be able to just run them over like it's nothing. If all else fails, your economy should be big enough that you can build a forward TC/houses/towers/temple outside their base with ease.

Special Powers
Citizens & Fishing Boats
    20% Cost Reduction
Civ - Bldgs, Walls, & Towers
    15% Cost Reduction
Civ - Economy
    20% Hunting and Foraging
Infantry - Sword
    25% Attack
    20% Cost Reduction
    20% Speed
Religion - Prophets
    30% Build Time Decrease

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