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  •  [Outdated]Eec CivPackage Fixed    
    Here is a small civpackages that will give u the most needed civs for p2n/p2n island/mid sh/grenwar/mod sh

    Also Lightnessking found an error in the other civpackages. One of the Mod civs had Cav Sword Attack insted of Citizens Hp. This is now fixed.
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  •  eC Civilization    
    This will be my final upload. Here's all the civilizations I am using in EEC.
    Civilizations for: Gren, P2N, Mid SH, Indy TL, Indy SH, Indy DM, Mod SH, Mod DM, P2N Islands
    I went over my civilizations again and I after realizing that 71 civilizations in one folder is a bit much I also made a new folder in this download where I have stripped away the civilizations I don't use that often, and only have the "must have" civilizations left.
    Of course I recommend looking at all the civilizations and strip away the civilizations you don't want.

    I also decided to rename the other civilization packages I have for EEC to start with [OutDated] so that people don't download the outdated ones.
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