[Ak]Middle Sh Ca cloak

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Re: [Ak]Middle Sh Ca cloak

Post by Eisregen »

knights/sword mix is good vs persian sword mix
or vs sword bali mix
persian mix is better if u fight vs mass sword!

... with ca civ dont go knights if u havnt knight pimmp fukk waste when u have parsian pimmp in civ..

anyway this cloack civ wont work vs good player
with expan u will out boom it so easy!

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Re: [Ak]Middle Sh Ca cloak

Post by taco »

honestly dont no wtf has happened with ee, basing my opinion on these retarded civs im seeing from ak, firstly laca is wrong, sword knight will destroy pers sword. for the simple fact that knights become a meat shield and deal a great amount of damage to both pers and sword, while taking 1 meyb 2 damage from persians and 10 or so from swords. only thing i can think of which would make persians a better choice is in a sword boom where gold is an issue and u want to keep ur gold units alive, then yes pers are cheaper, and stay behind the army and shouldn't die. given both dont have any civ upgrades ofcource.

this civ is shit. why is it a complete waste of every1s time? because the likelihood of which the cloak will cover hunt wood and 2 gold mines is not high at all, ur sacrificing so many points to protect such a little area, points which could of been spent on any number of mili upgrades to protect all of ur base, including building btd, yes later on cloak does become annoying to vers, but the risk of being down on mili ups, eco ups, and a boom, while there army is constantly weakening any ting outside that small cloak radius. there isnt much going for this civ at all.

ca attack is very handy to have, without it, this civ would just be even worse.

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Re: [Ak]Middle Sh Ca cloak

Post by ak_47 »

Hello everyone thank you for commenting on this civ.
First of all this civ is a "hard" civ to play with. since it lacks alot of things that normal ca civs dont.
I also wanna mention that this civ is an alternative playing style, for ppl who gets bored with playing normal strats, if they wanna challenge themselfs, then they should try this strat.
Now, to all the earlier comments, i wanna say 1 thing and that is, why do you guys keep saying "hey ca exp is better civ". i mean thats not a "new" thing to me or any other mid sh player. it would be nice to hear ppl that tries to find a way to make ca + cloak civ a playable strat,by posting your own version of it....
That's the reason why i posted this civ on the forums, it was to encourage players to use more special powers in mid sh.

Anyways, if you wanna alternate your playing style, try this strat, if you wanna go play orthodox strats then go for exp civs/none special power civs.

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Re: [Ak]Middle Sh Ca cloak

Post by Omega »

The reason unorthodox strategies often get so much criticism is that they are sub-par. This causes people to thus assume that all unorthodox strategies are in fact sub-par, since it's true nearly 100% of the time.

I personally have nothing against people intentionally playing sub-par strategies, provided that they are capable of playing and do play serious strategies when the time comes for it. Players who are still learning on the other hand, should be urged to stay away from sub-par strategies as it will only make them worse players in the long run--they'll spend a lot of time and effort perfecting tactics that aren't actually all that good, or at least aren't as good as something else they could have worked on with that time. As such, I kind of think that sub-par or "goof" civilizations when posted, should be tagged with a disclaimer that the poster knows it's really not as good as alternatives even though it can still be used, and strongly discourages noobs from using the civ...

As far as the civ in this thread goes, it's demonstrably sub-par compared to other more orthodox cav archer civilizations. The only reason anyone would ever use it is due to the novelty factor, or due to the fact they can't differentiate between optimal civs/play and suboptimal civs/play. I think you implicitly understand this as you say that this is a '"hard"' civilization to play with, for people who are "bored" playing "normal" civilizations and who want to "challenge" themselves.

Although I do agree it'd be nice if there was more civilization variety, it's not going to happen without me going back and tweaking the civilization power costs again (which won't happen) or without a total redesign of the powers themselves (which cannot be done). The reason for this is most people at least aspire to optimal play, and they realize that the supermajority of civilizations employing powers such as cloaking, metallurgy, flaming arrows, advanced mining, camouflage, et cetera are in fact sub-optimal, and thus shouldn't be bothered with unless one is looking for a novelty factor (or just really want to annoy another player by playing camo+flaming arrows or something... which is basically also a novelty factor, just the novelty is the rage of the other person).

The only way you're going to get more civilization variety is if you do something similar to the 'liga' with custom civilizations (albeit a pre-defined list of custom civilizations people couldn't alter and had to pick from). You could make a lot of different sub-par civilizations, and if they were all about equal with eachother you might see a good bit of variety (especially with some tweaks after awhile to correct imbalances). The only issue with that is of course, getting people to 1) actually play said gametype, and 2) getting people not to 'cheat' by using slightly altered civilizations. If you get those down, you then end up with 3) Actually getting people to 'update' their civilizations to the tweaked versions.

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