Priesttower rush in mid sh

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Priesttower rush in mid sh

Post by snupi »

Greetings to you all, fellow players.

Today I intend to share my priesttower civ with you.
But first, I want to note that priesttowers are very powerfull, but in late ages quite useless, specially after digital age since you can not convert robots and the enemy's air units will kill your priesttowers easily.
This civ can be used in the middle ages.

Special Power:
  • -Priesttower
  • -Buildtime reduction
    -Cost reduction
  • -Buildtime reduction
    -Cost reduction
  • -Wood cutting
    -Gold mining
Note: Make priesttower. When enemy is making universitys, make trebuchets to destroy the universitys. You will not have any problems making much trebs and priesttowers, since both cost less and you have gold mining and wood cutting in your civilization.
Also, at game start, do not rush your cits into the enemy's base and build priesttowers right next to his capitol or units. Your building cits will get killed fast. Build some priesttowers around his base, before he see your towers. This will give you a big advantage, since your enemy is not prepared for priesttowers and does not have a university.
Also, do not name your priesttower rush civilization as "priesttower rush" or the like. Name your civ as "middle age sword rush" or the like, to irritate the enemy. But you have to know on your own that this civ is not a sword rush civ, and do not collect iron at start.

Have fun with this priesttower rush civilization made for middle age sh games.

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