Grenwar with fanatism

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Grenwar with fanatism

Post by snupi »

Greetings to you all,

since fanatism is good for grenadiers I made a civ for grenwar with fanatism and I intend to share it with you:

Special power:

Infantry ranged:
-cost reduction

-iron mining

-cost reduction
-buildtime reduction

Then you will have 1 point left, which you can spend on cit attack or something.

The strategy is easy: make wall, then grenadier, and then houses and hospital. When the enemy rushs you, then repair the wall from behind. When defending, fight in hospital range and use fanatism. When attacking, build a hospital at your enemys base and attack with fanatism. Since you have building time reduction, your hospitals can be build fast.

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Re: Grenwar with fanatism

Post by lightnessking. »

lol no btd on grens only works vs noobs
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Re: Grenwar with fanatism

Post by LacRimoSa »

You cant rush due to 1. no built time decrease, 2. you loose hp if you use fanatism.
You will loose in longer games for the same reasons.

But for obvious reasons, a AoC Grenwar civi is no longer needed.

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Re: Grenwar with fanatism

Post by Omega »

You'll just get overwhelmed with grens and die with this civ. You're making a wall as a first line of defense in order to compensate for your inferior gren production capabilities. You're then trying to mass grens without BTD...

It's really not going to work against anyone remotely good.

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Re: Grenwar with fanatism

Post by Ghost »

You're better off going with no building cost reduction, subbing out gren hit points for BTD, and adding hunting. You can add a third barracks later.
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Re: Grenwar with fanatism

Post by Eisregen »

grenwar fana gren lose vs normal gren anyway.
in indy sh fana gren work very good but i think ths civ is too slow without btd

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Re: Grenwar with fanatism

Post by taco »

in theory a good idea, i mean what grenwar player doesnt want to have suped up grens with the added advantage of fanta with a hosp of zues, huge advange( LATE GAME). the chances of getting to late game. close to 0. therfore is pointless.

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Re: Grenwar with fanatism

Post by empire2 »

lightnessking4you wrote:lol no btd on grens only works vs noobs

That statement is unstable.

Snupi, if you change your civilisation a bit it will work.
As already stated fanatism is very pointless here. Take it out along with buildings build time reduction and therefore put hill fighting and hunting in.
This civilisation is very defensive so you really shouldn't try to rush your opponent or rape his eco early.
Build walls and/or towers and if necessary houses to protect your base and cits early.

To my memories nobody has ever used this strategy for a long period of time although it can be very successful if you know how to handle it since you can spend the big amount of iron in upgrades and a hero in the early game. Until f11 10-15 you should already be able to build more barracks which solves your "Iron-Units" relation problem.

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Re: Grenwar with fanatism

Post by Sexacutioner »

who the hell plays grenwar on aoc lol

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Re: Grenwar with fanatism

Post by empire2 »

What a spirited post :thumbsupl:

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