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General Abbreviations

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Source: Wasted

Hf=Have Fun
Gl=Good Luck
X in= Click the "Ready" button
XTFI=X the fuck in
STFU=shut the fuck up
CA=Cavalry Archer
Imp=Imperial Crusserier
Cybers=Cyber units you are able to get in Digital/Nano ages
Nukes=Nuclear bombers
AA=Anti Aircraft
AT=Anti tank
-NeW-: ey idiot
-NeW-: triki
-NeW-: no
-NeW-: stupid
-NeW-: u are syndrom down
-NeW-: and retardet
simple_faith Assassin was pretty great
Kazter:Assassin was shit.

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Re: General Abbreviations

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gg = good game
afk=away from keyboard
NR=no rush...usually has a time limit on game clock
f11=time/game clock
PS=player speed
micro=managing the units with precise movements and control
ak=animal kill...purposely killing other players animals in an early age ,to stop them from being able to advance ,due to a lack of food resources.
PT=priest tower
SS=screen shots..good way to catch eco glitchers
TC=town center
TC whore=players who use excessive buildings as obstacles, and for defensive protection.
Pop = population ...or else fill your buildings to the maximum capacity.
cap=capitol buildings
hunt=players animal food supply/forage patch
halb=an early unit who kills shock cav
cb=city builder ...see noob
scen = scenario
tu=team up
tucn=team up and x in

rush= attacking right away ,as fast as possible ,with as many units of military as you can make
rusher= guy who attacks fast
boom=going all economy early
boomer=guy who always goes economy first and is good at it.
wing= usually a rusher,almost always goes ground units in modern age,and is always on the edge of his teams borders.
pocket = player in the middle of the map,with teamates on both side of him,goes air or navy in modern ages.
air=send your mate some air support
idle=your teammate spotted an idle citizen for you,which you may have not noticed being a lazy little slave.

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