Civ point triggers

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Civ point triggers

Post by P-51 »

I have a multiplayer scenario that awards civ points and when I launch the game all players are unable to use their civ points. This is especially strange because the civ points work when I test the scenario and they also work when I launch the game as a single player scenario. Has anyone encountered this before or have any ideas on what may be preventing it from working in multiplayer?

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Re: Civ point triggers

Post by Eqqman »

A month or two ago I did some experiments on this with someone to try and figure out the quirks. Basically once the map has been saved *after* anybody opens up the Civ Points screen (even if they spend nothing) or the time has elapsed when players in a multiplayer game are assigned a Civ by default, it will be impossible to ever spend Civ Points again on that map, even if awarded extra ones with triggers. It also appears to be true that once you spend any Civ Points at all while player multiplayer you've now "locked" your Civ and can't spend any points again, even if you didn't spend them all the first time.

It does look like changing Civs in the Editor will work even after the map was originally saved, but I didn't do any tests to verify that the correct bonuses were now being applied after the change, so there's a possibility it's "in name only".

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