Best movies of 2012

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Re: Best movies of 2012

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Arntzen wrote:
Captain Nemo wrote:It's from 2011 kazter lol.
It came to Norway in November 2012, so I think it counts.

Look here for all release dates: ... =tt_ov_inf

More importantly, have you seen it? Or did you just go to IMDb to find out when it came out? :p

hahaha, sry in TV comes movie very later, and also in cinema all countries, np, but a movie have a create date, so its count, or??????, a movie counts on first show day

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Re: Best movies of 2012

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So watch Django the other day. Must say it kicked ass!! I really don't normally like tarantino movies because they always fail to have a shift in tension level, making each chapter a short film in itself. This one was built a little more like a "normal" movie but kept the brilliant writing from tarantino making it really really good! It's up there with the dark knight rises. And tbh I might give the edge to django!
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